Saturday, December 15, 2007

Our Pacificana Ranked number 1 by the Voice

Roving culinary explorer of the Village Voice, Robert Sietsema has Ranked our very own Pacificana Restaurant to be an unparalleled dinner destination. Heck we could have told him that. His review is apparently the result of having crashed a Cantonese wedding. If only to prove that Pacificana serves a lot more than just Dim Sum.

Having lived in this neighborhood since 1970 I remember when the food fare here was rather limited to a few Spanish restaurants along 5th and a a few diners. The explosion of culinary diversity in Sunset Park in the last 15 years is something to behold. The diversity of cuisine is not limited to just Chinese. Back in the 70's most of Brooklyn was devoid of good restaurants with the exception of a few established old houses. If you wanted something good to eat, you would trek over to Bay Ridge or take the train to Manhattan. If anything, the explosion of restaurants in Sunset Park and their variety is a sign, at least to me, that Sunset Park has finally arrived.

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