Saturday, January 4, 2014

New York City's first 2014 pedestrain fatality takes place in Sunset Park

The streetsblog reports that the first fatal pedestrian accident took place in Sunset Park yesterday at the corner of 7th Avenue and 65th street. Xiaoci Hu, 75 was killed while crossing the intersection. You can read more details at their blog here. 

99 Favor Taste Restaurant, Hot Pot and More

Nestled in the middle  of the street on 61st street between 8th and 7th avenues is the relatively new Hot Spot where the locals have found a new food hangout. 99 Favor Taste opened it's doors in April 2012 but  because of it's location I had no clue they were there until I stumbled upon it. The  place offers traditional Chinese Hot Pot cuisine which has been evolving into Asian fusion Hot Pot a soup broth based cuisine and form of eating which originated in China thousands of years ago. The interior of the place is decked out a bit more upscale than most of the restaurants in the neighborhood and makes for a very pleasant eating environment to enjoy food. Besides Hot Pot they also serve what was described to me as Korean fusion BBQ. I haven't been able to find reviews of the place as yet in New York Magazine's website or the Village Voice. Their radar hasn't picked it up as yet. In my recently frequent visits the place is always crowded especially towards the evening having become a favorite spot of many locals especially the younger set. It has become so popular in fact, that the owners will soon be opening up another  location on the Lower East side of Manhattan in a couple of months, The place is probably indicative of the new wave of upscale places that are starting to dot the neighborhood, especially as our Chinatown becomes a more settled and permanent a fixture of Brooklyn. To see their menu and more pictures visit their page on our cyber mall. If you do drop in by all means tell them that we sent you there..

The nicely extravagant interior decoration reminds one of an eatery on a starship.

A Google image search turned up this shot of their opening in April 2012.



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New Belacan Malaysian, Better than the old Belacan

One of the new businesses we have included in our cyber mall is the New Belacan Restaurant located on 8th Avenue between 59th and 60th streets. They  used to have a location on 7th avenue before they moved to their current  location. They have since added Japaneese Sushi to their menu and it's made fresh right on the spot. My favorite dish of theirs has always been Bat Thai which I used to take out when they were in their old location. I've tried their sushi as well and I can tell you  it's quite good. I've always had a preference for California roll, but the owner had me try some other varieties and they were just as tasty. The place is cozy and  always has people in there and is very popular with the locals. They also do take out and deliveries if you are in their catchment area. To look at their menu visit their page on our cyber mall. If you drop in and see one of the owners Sean tell him you saw it here on our blog.

New York Magazine profile
Village Voice


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Back Blogging

After a hiatus of over a month we are back blogging. Last month was an extremely busy month for our website and have put a number of new businesses in our cyber mall. I am slowly recovering from a bad cold that seems to persist. It seems that everyone in Brooklyn is getting the flu or a bad cold. Nonetheless, traffic on our blog has remained fairly steady and we are looking forward to a better year this year than last. We seem to have been getting a lot of hits from a profile of Sunset Park in New York Magazine. It appears that there is an uptick in interest in our nabe.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all those who stumble on this blog the best of New Years and a great 2014..