Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tragedy on 5th Avenue

Makeshift memorial on the corner of 55th st. and 5th Ave. for little Kiko Shao.

There isn't much you can say about a senseless accident, especially when the victim is a 5 year old child. Life seems so tenuous at times and things like this bring back the reality that living is a risky thing. Everyday we all run the risk of being done in by the dangers around us. The girl had an entire life ahead of her and in an instant of carelessness she was taken away. Most of us survive these instants, she did not. I would rant about driving around with loud music that dulls our sense of hearing to what's around us. Or the fact some drivers step on the gas on the yellow light or race to the next red light. But that's for another day. It seems that most of the victims of these accidents lately have been children or elderly. Today we can only mourn. In a week or so it will be another accident in the back of our minds, except of course, to the parents and relatives of that little girl who will relive and remember for the rest of their lives. May God soften their pain...