Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hollywood Comes to Sunset Park, Sort Of..

Filmrise new headquarters in Industry City

The website Commercial  Observer informs us that Filmrise a distributor of digital media has moved into Industry City. There are already several other film and video production companies that are located in Sunset Park and Filmrise is the latest addition to the roster. On their website we have a good indication of the breath of their offerings and announcements of acquisitions to digital rights of some iconic productions. As more companies move into the industrial part of the neighborhood we will be seeing more and more of this stuff. Of course this is clearly more an indication of the gentrification and commercial expansion that is happening in the neighborhood. Filmrise will be joining other film and video production companies located here such as Holystone StudiosShoe Box Story and others. We are living in interesting times in Sunset Park these days..



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More Signs of Gefntrification In Sunset Park, Losing Section 8

DNAinfo/Nikhita Venugopal

The website DNAINFO.com has a piece on the recent decision by E&M  Associates which owns a lot of housing stock in Sunset Park to not renew their section 8 housing contract when it expires. E&M has a total of 24 buildings with 270 units. The decision appears to be purely an economic one as rents on the average in the neighborhood now fetch from $2000 to $2100 for an average sized apartment in the neighborhood. This is in keeping with the rents in the Greenwood Heights section of Sunset Park which are slightly higher and signs that the gentrification wave is reaching southern Sunset Park. Opting out of section 8 housing would give E&M the opportunity to get higher rental income from their properties. It may also be that due to the rising real estate values they are considering getting rid of some of their properties... READ MORE HERE..


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A tourists' Guide To Sunset Park

The website RACKED.COM  has a tourist guide titled "Thrifting, Bowling and Dim Sum in Sunset Park" obviously written for outsiders who don't live in Sunset Park. However, even Sunset Parkers or recent newcomers to the nabe might enjoy the selection of spots to visit and drop by. How many local residents have actually taken a tour of Green Wood Cemetery? My parents are buried there, so I go there quite often. The article includes none other than our own Pacificana Restaurant featured on our website. Take a peek at the piece and make your own plans.


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