Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coming: An Arch to Sunset Park and it's not McDonald's

Somehow I missed this story last April as I am sure so did many other Sunset Parkers. Sneaked under the radar by our wanna be comedian borough president. The arch is apparently a gift from the Communist Chinese government and we are taking it because apparently we can and it's free. Hey, you get what you pay for. The arch is at this time slated to be built between 64th and 65th street on 8th Avenue. There is the full story at The Brooklyn Paper. Be sure to read the comments section as they make for interesting reading. In the meantime, the Manhattan Chinatown is bitching and moaning that they don't have their own arch. Maybe all those Falun Gong people who protest Chicom oppression every weekend at 60th street will move up and protest under the arch. Now that would be ironic.. If anything it's a sign that this change to Sunset Park is becoming rather permanent. Chinatown is here to stay. We may find to our chagrin that the arch may become a tourist attraction. Someday we'll see a German tourist wearing socks with sandals in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt having his picture taken with the arch in the background. Oh well, there goes the nabe..