Sunday, February 1, 2009

Chinese New Year Celebrations Pulled off Without a Hitch

The Year of the Ox Celebrations got pulled off without a hitch. Paul Mak who runs BCAA always the gracious host allowed me behind the barricades as he does every year to get a great vantage point to shoot pictures. This year the number of dignitaries who showed up made a who's who list of local politicians and their cronies. Our own Sarah Gonzales was there, as well as newly elected Congress critter McMahon. Congress critter Anthony Weiner was there as was state senator Marty Golden, Councilmen Vincent Gentile and Reccia. Our Borough President Marty Markowitz was there as well, always aspiring to be a comedian. I forgot whether it was McMahon or Gentile who mentioned every neighborhood except ours in his speech. Someone else out there who was there will have to remind me. The biggest guest to show up of course, was our Mayor, term unlimited Bloomberg. I managed to shoot probably some 400 shots and got some ten minutes of video (my camera doubles as a video camera). Time permitting I will post that at a future date. In the meantime, I have extracted a sampling of the photographically orgasmic scene that this turns out every year, enjoy. When time permits I will try to upload some of the bounty to my Flicker account so other can view them.

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