Saturday, May 3, 2014

Store of The Day: Hollywood Flooring, carpets and furniture too.

The other day walking along 5th Avenue I bumped into an old friend. Abraham Hernandez who used to be the owner of Generation Hernandez Furniture. Abraham opened the furniture and carpet locations back in 1981. A few years ago due to high rents he had to close his furniture store. He also had a branch in Bay Ridge which he just recently closed due to the same reason. As it turns out he is still in the same business and his stock is in storage at a large warehouse in the neighborhood. He is now operating out of Hollywood Flooring with his friend and partner Jose Tavarez to whom he sold the flooring business a few years back. People who have lived in the neighborhood for some time know Abraham and he has a steady following among them. If you're in the market for flooring or furniture by all means give them a visit. Their prices are highly competitive and you'd be helping the local economy and of course Jose and Abraham as well... Visit their website while you're here..