Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homeless in Sunset Park

It appears the powers that be in our city are running roughshod over Sunset Park again. Just now a story has broken that  the above hotel is being converted into a homeless shelter that will house up to 150 homeless people. Councilman Menchaca made the announcement of his facebook page. The neighbors around the location have been concerned for some time over the developments  but their pleas apparently fall on deaf ears. This is reminiscent of the time when Giulianni and his administration dumped all the city porno shops in Sunset Park without consulting the neighborhood. 

At the same time it was announced that our esteemed Mayor De Blasio (AKA Kaiser Wilhelm) with the consent of the rest of the crew at our city government have decided that there will be no housing whatsoever built in the part of the neighborhood that has been designated an industrial zone. Apparently this will apply to all "industrial zones" throughout the city. It has been the dream of city administrations as far back as I can remember to bring back manufacturing to New York City. If politicians had any brains they would figure out why manufacturing left the city in the first place. Industrial manufacturing needed land, lots of land and cheap. When manufacturing efficiency  meant that the manufacturing process was transforming from vertical factories to horizontal ones the dye was cast. The idiots need to understand that manufacturing in general is NOT coming back to New York. Nobody I know of except government is in business to lose money. My advice is to give it up already. If we continue on this fantasy we will have empty warehouses and undeveloped areas. We should focus instead on businesses that make sense and small specialized manufacturing which is still viable in the city and open up the area to housing development as well. Whatever makes economic sense will occur. It's called a free market, but that is beyond the understanding of the primitive socialist progressives running our city. We keep electing the same cretins to office over and over and term limits does not seem to help. The professional political class on either side of the spectrum hasn't got a clue what they are doing. The last thing they seem to be doing is serving the interests of the residents of our communities..