Monday, November 24, 2014

Time Warp Techno Festival Comes to Sunset Park

As if we needed more evidence that things are changing in Sunset Park at an accelerated pace we have the announcement of another dancing event coming to Sunset Park to join the Mr. Sunday parties at Industry City. Enter Time Warp Techno Festivals. This Techno Festival which originated in Germany and is popular throughout Europe where Techno music is the "in" thing is arriving to our shores and is about to land in Sunset Park. Is this a sign of further gentrification of the neighborhood? Maybe. In any case, it's here and is landing by the 39th street piers near where Costco is located. Tickets available here at this website are not cheap. All the general admission tickets at $100 a pop are gone and it appears all that is left is the $180 and $300+ tickets for the event that will be held from November 28 to 29. To check out further information go to their event posting at this website. I doubt that most local residents will be able to afford to attend or appreciate Techno music which went out of style in the states a few years back. However, judging by the fact that many class tickets are sold out, there must be other people in the city planning to attend..