Sunday, August 25, 2013

Murder on 39th street

It is dark night at 1 AM or a little after and I hear pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and instinctively I knew it was gunfire from a pistol. Less than a second later I hear a scream, a woman screaming and the sound of a car burning rubber. Someone got shot. I run downstairs and I see a commotion across the street. I approach the scene and there is someone on the sidewalk on the ground with massive bleeding to the head. Immediately I fear it's fatal.

This scene is being repeated in our neighborhood with more frequency and throughout the city more frequently and even across the nation. Another useless, senseless killing over nothing. Since the revocation of the "stop and frisk" policy murder has seen an uptick in South Brooklyn and particularly in our neighborhood. The politically correct opportunist cowards who represent us and live in guarded apartment buildings have just made the neighborhood a lot less safer and far more dangerous to live in when they over rode the Mayor's veto of two bills which essentially do away with policies that were responsible for the huge downturn in crime in our neighborhood. They don't have to live among us, they get to make social experiments, but we pay the price. In my conversations with some of the police officers at the scene, some of whom were also  Hispanics, they related to me that they will do as little as possible to effectively curtail crime because the bills put them personally at risk of being sued. from one of the articles on the recent votes in the city council  ""Opponents feared the bills would have a chilling effect on police. “It will send paralysis throughout the ranks of the NYPD,” said Councilman Vincent Ignizio (R-Staten Island). “That hands off approach nets what? Additional murders, additional crimes.”"

This morning a man is dead, one of my neighbors. Nothing can change what has occurred. But perhaps had these thugs been stopped and frisked or stopped for any reason I would not have to rant this morning. We have the toughest gun control laws in the nation. And yet, thugs still manage to obtain them. The tactics employed by the NYPD were working to keep crime low. Those of us who are long time residents remember what it was like here in the 70's. Sunset Park was THE "Needle Park". The DEA practically occupied 4th Avenue and we still had one of the highest crime and homicide rates in the city. I fear that we may be headed in that direction. We need to reverse course and put back into place what worked. Even if that riles the crap out of some people who are over sensitive. As a Hispanic I don't mind being stopped and frisked. It rarely happens though. I don't dress like a thug and I am at the age where I would not be thought of as a criminal. This is not the time for "progressive" social engineering or feel good policies because some idiot got dissed or thinks he got stopped for some imaginary reason. A man is dead this morning and I can't get my head around the fact that it was pointless, useless and because some young thug felt dissed and the cowardly piece of shit thought he had to pull out a gun and blast away to stroke his bruised animal ego. Both the victim and the perps were Hispanic, as it is with most crime these days in minority communities the criminal and the victim are of the same demographic. Let's stop the bullshit and stop playing politics with our safety and that of our neighbors and their children./ END RANT

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