Friday, January 11, 2008

Keeping the Gowanus Part 2!

It seems that some people over at objected to my criticism of the Gowanus Expressway plans in my last post. I would have ignored them, but I feel I must comment. The condescending attitude of some of the holier than thou posters that reek of elitist smarminess simply cannot be ignored. They could have chosen to debate my points in a civil manner and refuted some of my arguments. Apparently they have no comeback so they chose what people who have no clue usually do. They decided to ridicule my post and hurl epithets. It seems to me that all these "urban renewal" types would be the type that would level the acropolis to build condos or destroy the pyramids of Egypt to make way for parking lots. How dare us peasants in Sunset Park criticize their plans for our neighborhood? Don't we know that such highly intelligent creatures that hide under rocks know more that we do? Their attitudes and posts are more reflective of who they are than they are of me and reflect on who they really are. I have learned since starting this blog that there will be those high and mighty condescending pseudo intellectuals hiding behind their anonymity. Their limited vocabulary is reflective of the poor upbringing that these people have had and the lack of manners that is permeating this society.

My views of course reflect only what I personally feel. However, I know from conversations with the folks here that I reflect the thinking of the majority here.

It is perhaps that sad case that those who live here often have no say in what happens here. The decisions made by anally retentive elites who think they know what is best for us. Frankly, it matters not a twit what they think. I won't debase myself by throwing epithets back at infantile people who still haven't grown up. We will reflect what we think on this blog and if you want to be un-civil about it, it reflects more on you than it does on us.

We are open to being educated and influenced to change our minds. We are open to being corrected on occasion. Approach us with civility and we will return the favor. Otherwise you will be ignored as you justly deserve.

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