Saturday, August 31, 2013

Closings: Sneaker Warehouse No More

Sneaker Warehouse which has an interesting story behind it, is closing it's doors. Perhaps in a week or two. It's other older location on 58th street and 2nd Ave. has already closed it's doors. When Costco Warehouse Opened it's doors on 39th street and 2nd Avenue back in 1996 a guy showed up and sold high end sneakers out of a van at a lot across the street from the entrance. He was there every weekend and soon he picked up a following by word of mouth. A couple of years later Costco acquired the lot for extra parking and he had to find a new location. He found himself at 58th street near Lutheran Hospital. A couple of years later he opened another location at 39th street and 4th Avenue, the one pictured above. Like any success story this has kind of a happy ending. He is retiring and closing because business was good rather than the other way around. Looking for a deal on high end sneakers? If they have your size I would stop by and look before they close their doors for good. They will be missed. I still have a pair of Timberland shoes I got from them. At least they're not closing because the economy and business was bad. It's a success story of hard work and determination.  We all have to move  on at some point, I guess. 

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Photo of the day: Makeshift Memorial on 39th street

A makeshift memorial was put up at the spot on 39th street between 7th and 8th Ave. where Johnny Rosado aged 35 was murdered, gunned down in the early morning hours of Saturday August 24, 2013.

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