Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Perspective on Genrtification in Brooklyn

In my meanderings on the web regarding gentrification I stumbled on an article by Daniel Hertz at his Blog. Aside from his take on income disparities I found the above map on his site rather interesting. Showing changes in real estate prices in Brooklyn over a two year span from 2012 to 2014. As you can see prices in the Sunset Park area have shown a rise of between 21% and 16% respectively. While northern Bay Ridge showed a rise of 10% Southern Bay Ridge shows a decline of 19%. There is of course a positive in the numbers for long time residents seeing their houses rise in value. On the downside is the fact that since valuations are the peg the city uses for Real Estate Taxes maintaining a property has become more expensive in that regard. The article also points out that average income throughout the borough has declined slightly. Obviously there is a correlation between the pink areas and the process of gentrification where people are moving to. Of interest are also the comments left at the blog, in particular the ones regarding Sunset Park. Basically it confirms what many residents have deduced from casual observation about what is going on in our neighborhood.

Mister Sunday Parties Move to Sunset Park

As if we needed more proof that the neighborhood is changing rapidly comes this piece in the New York Times. From the article:  

Over the last few years, in a dappled grove on the banks of the Gowanus Canal, the weekly Mister Sunday parties built an ardent following as a laid-back disco day camp. This year, forced out of its bucolic birthplace by a real estate development, the party relocated to Industry City, a warehouse complex in Sunset Park. Could it recreate that same mellow magic in its new locale?“I went every Memorial Day for the last five years,” said one exasperated devotee outside the gates at the season opener, surveying a gunky queue of thousands. One gentleman, resplendent in a promiscuous gondolier costume, appeared dejected as he was unable to navigate the human logjam. Having perhaps underestimated Brooklyn’s unquenchable thirst for outdoor boots-and-pants parties, event organizers have increased capacity and streamlined ticketing, and the early chaos has since subsided.

Disco? I didn't know anybody still did disco. In any case, the article provides details if you want to be one of the locals crashing the party. Maybe some of the local Motorcycle Clubs can show up, no extra costumes needed. Just another sign of the ever changing nabe..


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Is Sunset Park slated to become a New York Fashion Center?

Is Sunset Park slated to become a New York Fashion Center? If you believe a blog piece just written by Brady Dale at his blog Tchnically that appears to be the case. Following up on a piece in The Epoch Times on plans by Manufacture New York to open up a fashion design incubator at a facility in Sunset Park that is slated to open soon. Sunset Park has always been a center of sweat shops that have opened in the neighborhood since the Chinese moved in, so in a sense we have always had part of the fashion industry here. The plan though is to make Sunset Park a design center to supplement 7th Avenue in Manhattan. We will have to see what develops. As Sunset park's Bush terminal and Industry City become centers of all types of trendy businesses that encompass everything from film production to high end electronics we will continue to see more economic development in Sunset park that will also accelerate the gentrification process that is going on in the neighborhood as the people working in these enterprises decide to move into the neighborhood to be close to their work...