Sunday, March 22, 2009

George Weber 1961-2009 Fellow blogger, fellow Brooklynite RIP


Not too long ago in a former life I had occasion to be the webmaster for Steve Malzberg when he was a radio host at WABC AM Radio. I had occasion to meet George when I occasionally visited WABC radio studios to speak to Steve. I only knew him by sight as he did me. I was an avid listener and would remember his voice. In person like all the rest of the crew there, everyone was personable and friendly. George also lived in Brooklyn since moving here from Denver to work at WABC and became like many transplants a true New Yorker dedicated to the neighborhood in which he lived. His tragic death at the hands of a murderer is even more poignant to a life cut short. His Blog made for some good reading on the local goings on in his neighborhood. He will be dearly missed, he had a particular voice that one does not easily forget. He got to love his nabe and was well involved in it. I can only hope they catch the mutant who killed him. The blogging community has lost another great blogger and human being. Condolences to his family and close friends.

UPDATE 3-25-09: An arrest was made on the murder of George Weber. It appears that the private life of mr. Weber was rather strange and dangerous to say the least. I would rather remember his public life and the good works he did. However, it is impossible now to avoid the fact that his image has been tarnished quite a bit and must add considerably to the sadness his colleagues and those who knew him well must feel. That is why one must live one's life as if people are always watching, that way you don't disappoint your loved one's even in death.

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