Monday, August 16, 2010

Stores of the day: Open 24 hour laundry laundromats

Recently someone inquired as to where one could find 24 hour laundries in Sunset Park and vicinity. I am including two here today and will post a separate post later for the Clean Rite laundries in the nabe. The one above, Best Wash Laundry is actually located out of the neighborhood by one block, most of it's customers  however, are all from Sunset Park. It also happens to be the laundry I use when I have a need to do laundry at 3 AM. It is located at 39th street and New Utrecht Avenue right on the corner. It is a fairly large laundry with a lot of machines. There are change machines for quarters and multiple folding tables for your stuff. It also has parking for four cars up front and there is plenty of parking on the street as well at that time.

This location is one on 46th street and 7th Avenue. It's half he size of the one above and only recently as far as I know has decided to remain open 24 hours. Take your pick. These are two near where Live that I am aware of. If any of yo know f any others in the area, by all means drop us a  note and we will include hem. We will be updating this particular thread as new information comes in.

[where: 11232]
[where: 11220]
[where: 11215]
[where: 11218]
[where: 11219]
[where: 11228]
[where: 11214]
[where: 11204]