Saturday, May 11, 2013

Best Dumpling Place, Great Taste Dumpling

Great Taste Dumpling, formerly known as Prosperity Dumpling serves the best dumplings in Sunset Park. Their fried dumplings are five for a dollar (other places give you 4). For a couple of bucks you can have a hearty and filling meal and they taste great as well. Try their stir noodles as well. A plate for a mere $1.75 and you can't go wrong. They have an excelent menu and one of the few  ATM's that dispenses $10 bills. It's on the corner of 44th and 8th and the place is always busy.

Photo of the day

Colorful hand carved and painted dragon at La Casa Artesanal @ 5th Avenue and 12th street. Just over the border in Park Slope. I couldn't resist the colors. It's an eclectic shop that has jewelry, furniture and household stuff from all over the world. It has a sister store on 7th Avenue called El Milagro..