Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 NYC Marathon in Sunset Park, A Photo Album

With local landmark St. Michael's Church runners run along 4th Avenue.

Every year they hold the Marathon I try to do a photo album shoot as it passes through Sunset Park from 65th street to the Prospect Expressway and the border with Park Slope. Today the weather was extremely cold in the morning and warmed up as the day went on. I shot over 100 pics. I tried picking the better ones for this post. Hope all you local residents can pick out the landmarks...

Th five mile marker and clock..

A watering station handing out Gatorade to the runners..

The Bay Ridge Towers loom in the distance at the Bay Ridge Border.

The first of many musicians and bands we encountered en route. This guy was at the Irish Haven Bar..

Another guy playing solo along the route..

Another block, another band.

The Mug Cafe, good friends of mine and time to pick up a buttered bagle..

Another watering station for the runners..

Another band, another block.

Runing towards Park Slope.

Two man guitar team..

Another band..

I think these guys were doing rap music with a Caribbean  flavor..

Once upon a time Sunset Park was a large Norwegian and Finnish enclave. There are still some around..

This band consisted of of older guys. The guy seems to be ready for Christmas..

These guys had the best setup, a stage and their own canopy..

We're two thirds of the way towards Park Slope..

These guys were really, really young..

This band was really, really good. Named the BROVERDOSE. They have a website.

Passing by the 72 Precinct House.

Passing by Kentucky Fried Chicken. I don't think anybody stopped in for a snack..

Another Gatorade station as we inch closer to Park Slope.

Time to stop in at the Tin Cup Cafe for a quick cup.

The owner of Tin Cup Cafe was kind enough to give me a free cup..

The six mile marker and clock.

This band was named Giant Flying Turtles. Who comes up with these names?

The ten kilometer mark for them foreigners who don't know what a mile is..

There were few runners left as I got to the Park Slope border at the Prospect Expressway  Overpass in the Greenwood Heights section of Sunset Park..


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