Saturday, February 21, 2009

NY Post Calls Sunset Park Crappy neighborhood (Gone to the dogs)


The New York Post had an article on doggy poo in the city. Apparently the fact that tickets for not picking up the sh*t of your significant other have spurred an article in the Post on the various nabes in the city. They don't appear to have more important stories to go after. According to the Post;

|"Brooklyn pet owners, who live in the second-worst borough for doggy doo, have been slapped with 224 fines in 2008, up 47 percent from the year before. Sunset Park, Park Slope and Brownsville are the three top Fido-fouled areas."

I would have to instinctively disagree, unless a lot of dog aficionados have moved into the nabe we have always had a low per capita ownership of dogs here. Hispanics by and large are not big dog owners, neither are the chinese, the Vietnamese think they're food. It is expensive to keep a dog, you gotta feed them and house them and care for them when they get sick. Park Slope I could understand since those folks have higher incomes, but Sunset Park? Besides having all the porn shops dumped here by the city is it possible we are also being targeted by the poop police? I frequent Bay Ridge quite a bit and I can bet my last dollar they probably have way more dogs per capita than we do. One would assume their ticket rates would be higher than ours, but maybe the poop police doesn't want to scope out the Ridge on account they have more political muscle than we do. Have these guys ever walked along Shore Road? Otherwise I would think they would make the list. I suspect something really smells and it isn't doggy poop.

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