Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Continuing Rant: Day 9 at the Sunset Park Library in Sweltering Heat

Progress Report:

In my last post I reported over the lack of air conditioning at the library for one whole week. Since my post, it appears the community is having some effect. I was told that yesterday they sent people over to look at the air conditioning unit. That I suppose is some progress, but do we have to bitch and moan to get things done in this community? And are they going to fix it? Today as far as I know they are not repairing it. The temperature inside is 82 degrees and 70 degrees outside. What would it be inside if the temperature outside was 90 degrees? I stopped by the local office of our councilman Carlos Menchaca and inquired what they were doing about it. The answer is that they have been getting reports from the BPL that they "are working on it". Their tactic appears to be to close the library early (which robs the community of it's services) to compensate for the heat. Are we the victims of bureaucratic foot dragging? Appearing to do things and excuses for delays (the air conditioner is old)? We will have to see.. In the meantime we need to keep the pressure on or they will think we will just go away. This community has been getting the shaft from all our city politicos for far too long. If don't YELL people are not likely to listen to you much less pay attention. 

So here are two things we can do to keep the pressure going. Let's keep calling the main number at the BPL and courteously demand they get their act together and fix the damn air conditioning.. Call the President of the Brooklyn Public Library Jeanne James at 718-623-7000..

Secondly, send them a short email at their contact page on their website LOCATED HERE..   

Let's see if we can get some action, keep the pressure up..