Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Visit To Bush Terminal Park In Sunset Park

We made a brief visit to Bush Terminal Park to see what the new park looks like. While I was there they were setting up chairs for the official ribbon cutting by Mayor de Blasio at 1PM tomorrow Wednesday  November 12, 2014. The Park seems to be rather fresh and being fall much of the grass has not yet taken. Everything was clean and totally brand new. It seems that they did an excellent job. The entrance to the park is located at 43rd street and 1st Avenue. It is quite a bit out of the way for most Sunset Park residents and not in the ideal section of Sunset Park. Abandoned warehouses and grimy factories abound as well as heavy truck traffic during the day. Nevertheless there are two large fields matted with astroturf. One appears a softball field and the second one, not yet open appears to be a soccer field. The bathroom facilities appear to have been constructed from recycled ship containers are clean and modern inside. They are only open till 3 PM though, so if you have to go to the bathroom after that you're out of luck. The following  pictures will give you an idea of the place...

Old Headquarters of The Bush Terminal company at Park entrance.

Manhattan skyline shot from the park.

Bike lanes after entrance to the park.

Bathroom facilities near the entrance..

Shot from the end of the pier where you can walk out into the bay..

Back of the softball field.

St. Michaels Church visible from highest point in the park. A well known Sunset Park landmark..

Softball field  with astroturf from hill in park..

Recycled container walls used in coinstruction of bathroom facilities..

US Customs seal left on oe of the container sections used as a wall..