Thursday, June 19, 2014

Store of the Day: Expressway Pharmacy on 3rd. Avenue

Situated on the corner of 47th street and 3rd Avenue Expressway Pharmacy is the only pharmacy on 3rd avenue serving the Western part of Sunset Park. Since the building of the Gowanus Expressway it has been an invisible barrier between the Western and Eastern parts of the neighborhood. Prior to the opening of the Expressway Pharmacy people on the other side of the highway had to venture to either 4th Avenue or 5th Avenue to find a Pharmacy or  trek down towards the Lutheran Medical Center where the only other pharmacy on the other side of the highway is located. Having opened recently in October of 2013 the store is one a number of new establishments that are appearing on the other side of third Avenue which is undergoing a slow process of gentrification both as a result of the development of industry City and an influx or artists as well as some high tech businesses into many of the available lofts and cheaper rents. Owner Hassan Muyir prides himself on being able to provide personalized care to his customers which include many old time residents who for the firs time have a pharmacy within walking distance on their side of the Gowanus divide. It is a full service pharmacy that does compounding as well as filling regular prescriptions and does immunizations as well. The pharmacy offers competitive prices and free pick up and delivery anywhere in the city. To see other pictures and get a better view of the place visit their page on the cyber mall on our website..

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rooftop Underground Films in Brooklyn

So, I go into this coffee shop in the Greenwood heights section of Sunset Park The Tin Cup Cafe and pick up this card about some film showings in Brooklyn under the stars. I figured I would check out their website at and I noticed that some of the films are showing at Industry City in Sunset Park. Apparently the films started showing back in May but they're running on through until August. The showings are NOT FREE. The website says tickets are $13. Besides Sunset Park showings are being staged in other neighborhoods as well, Gowanus, Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene and Williamsburg as well as locations in Queens and Manhattan. If you're into this sort of thing it may well be worth your time to investigate and perhaps go to one or two or three etc....

Huffington Post Does Dumplings in Sunset Park

One of the food blogs on the Huffignton post did a write up of some of the local dumpling eateries with pretty decent reviews. The article is worth a read. Often times people live in a neighborhood and only venture within a six or seven block radius of where they live and and unless someone points them to something new in the neighborhood they don't take notice of the changes and goings on around them. The article covers 6 dumpling places. I know two of them very well since I go there often and it's a cheap eat. My favorite dumpling place is Great Taste Dumpling since I live only a couple of blocks from there and was even recently reviewed by Robert Siestema. They have a vinaigrette soy sauce which I prefer with my dumplings and it's convenient. If you're there try the Stir Noodles which are made from noodles using semolina flour. I always think of them as Fettuccine Chinese style. It's very rare to see semolina noodles in a Chinese place. They have a full menu as well so you can also get standard fare and other dishes unlike some of the other dumpling places..

If you want to get a clue where the best food in an area is, watch where the cops eat. For dumpling that would be Kai Feng Fu Dumpling. I haven't been there of late since Great Taste opened nearby but if it's convenient for you to go there by all means try them. The article mentions that Hob Bo Kitchen serves fried shrimp dumplings. I guess I will have to trek up to 58th street and give them a try sometime soon before I forget. Sunset Park has been getting a lot of attention in the food area and not just Chinese cuisine. We'll post on the other reviews when we stumble upon them in the future. For addresses etc. check out the article.  Bon apetite...

Friday, June 6, 2014

Closings: Closeout Heaven on 5th

Another store falls victim to the high rents on 5th avenue as their leases run out. As rents shoot up many old established retailers can no longer stay in business. Closeout Heaven on 49th and 5th has closed it's doors. I remains to be seen how quickly the store will be rented due to the high rents. It is becoming increasingly difficult to start a business on 5th Avenue these days. The high rents are ever changing the landscape of 5th Avenue with a high turnover of stores occurring along the Avenue. Add to that a wave of gentrification that is slowly creeping Southward into Sunset Park which is making residential rents go up as well and you have a recipe for changing the neighborhoods ethnic makeup.... 

First Sign of Creeping Gentrification In Sunset Park's Center?

This new building on the corner of 52nd street and 3rd Avenue may be the first sign of the creeping wave of gentrification that has been moving south from Park Slope in the neighborhood over the last few years. The building nearing construction will either be slated as a rental or perhaps as condos. 3rd Avenue is dotted with lots which are waiting for development and are either on sale or waiting to be bought. The building will probably be high rent compared to other rents in the area or at the very least if condos will help drive market real estate prices up. Only one block from the subway station on 4th avenue it is an ideal location. It is a sign of the ever changing nature of the neighborhood. Chinese families have been buying real estate as far as the blocks between 5th Avenue and 4th Avenues as they run out of available properties closer to 8th Avenue and since they are competing with a wave of hipsters moving into the area the result is inevitably higher rents and higher real estate values...


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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bar of the Day: The Soccer Tavern on 8th Avenue, Sunset Park

Located on 8th Avenue between 60th and 61st streets,  in Brooklyn's Chinatown and surrounded by a sea of Chinese restaurants and stores. It is one of a very few Irish Pub holdouts in our rapidly changing neighborhood. Owned by an Irishman and his Polish wife it is a genuine old style Irish bar. It seems to be doing well and it's still in business. I hope they stick it out..


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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Move Over Best Buy, Micro Center Hits Sunset Park.

A national Electronics Chain named Micro Center opened it's first location in Brooklyn right here in Sunset Park last month. Even though they haven't had their official Grand Opening they are open for business. As an introduction to the area you may have been a recipient of one of their promotional mailing where they were giving away a 7" Tablet for a measly $20. The tablet I am glad to say works quite well. Of course it's not a top of the line item but for the $20 you really can't go wrong at all. The establishment is a full service electronics and computer store that by the looks of it can compete with the best of them. The store has the entire ground floor of the building located at 850 3rd. Avenue and 31st street and is very well stocked. There is ample parking for customers as well. I expect that like Costco it will be a go to destination for many local residents for their electronic needs. Since it is their only location in Brooklyn so far expect people from other nabes such as Park Slope and Bay Ridge to trek into Sunset Park to visit the store..


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