Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Store of the day: Cafe Barakah

Cafe Barakah has been around for well over a year. It provides Wi Fi for it's customers and allows you to sit in comfort while you cruise the web and sip your coffee. It is open every day and caters to everyone in our community. It is located on 4th avenue and 21st street.They have an open mike night on Saturdays though I am not sure if it is all weekends. To be more unusual the place is run by two Arab women entrepreneurs who are trying to make a go at it. The place really deserves a bit more attention and we all know we need more Wi-Fi spots in the neighborhood, we are certainly lacking in that area compared to our adjoining neighborhoods. So, give them a visit, if you like the spot maybe you can make it a new hangout while you are cruising the net. They are always running promotions and other things like grls night or open mike night etc. You'll have to drop by there and inquire what they have planned next.

[where: 11232]
[where: 11220]
[where: 11215]
[where: 11218]
[where: 11219]
[where: 11228]
[where: 11214]
[where: 11204]