Monday, November 24, 2014

Time Warp Techno Festival Comes to Sunset Park

As if we needed more evidence that things are changing in Sunset Park at an accelerated pace we have the announcement of another dancing event coming to Sunset Park to join the Mr. Sunday parties at Industry City. Enter Time Warp Techno Festivals. This Techno Festival which originated in Germany and is popular throughout Europe where Techno music is the "in" thing is arriving to our shores and is about to land in Sunset Park. Is this a sign of further gentrification of the neighborhood? Maybe. In any case, it's here and is landing by the 39th street piers near where Costco is located. Tickets available here at this website are not cheap. All the general admission tickets at $100 a pop are gone and it appears all that is left is the $180 and $300+ tickets for the event that will be held from November 28 to 29. To check out further information go to their event posting at this website. I doubt that most local residents will be able to afford to attend or appreciate Techno music which went out of style in the states a few years back. However, judging by the fact that many class tickets are sold out, there must be other people in the city planning to attend..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Save the Date Nov. 22 Li-Lac Chocolates Grand Opening to The Public

This Saturday November 22 at 11 AM Li-Lac Chocolates will open it's store doors to the public in a Grand Opening Celebration. All Sunset Parkers are welcomed. Tell them you heard about it on the blog...

Li-Lac Chocolates Opens for Business in Sunset Park

Yesterday was the official opening of the Li-Lac chocolate factory at Industry City  in Sunset Park. In a way there is a small amount of irony in the event considering that Sunset Park has one of the largest Mexican communities in New York City and the Cocoa plant had it's origins in Mexico. So in a way it's kind of like things coming full circle. If you're interested in the history of chocolate here are a couple of links to give you some heads up on it, Wikipedia and Smithsonian. The facilities are rather spacious at more than 10,000 square feet and Li-Lac seems to be happy in their new home. They've been making chocolate since 1923 and have been around longer than any other still existing New York chocolatier. I was honored to be invited to the official opening of their new home in Brooklyn. We hope that as our local economy continues to improve they will become a long time resident of the neighborhood as well as a fixture of Sunset Park..

The festivities began at eleven with a tour of the factory as the main guests began to arrive. Among the luminaries in attendance were Borough president Eric Adams, Councilman Carlos Menchaca, Congressman Jerrold Nadler and others.We got a tour of the factory facilities and got to taste many samplings of the many chocolate varieties that the factory produces. The CEO of Industry City and the many politicians on hand made brief speeches welcoming Li-Lac to Sunset Park and I was lucky enough to get an invite to the mostly private ceremony. The official Grand Opening to the public is this Saturday and I will post details elsewhere on this blog. In the meantime, here's a pictorial preview of the facilities as well as some shots of the brief ceremony..

Yours truly at the entrance store in the Li-Lac factory.

Putting the finishing touches on the goodies..

Dignitaries at one of the assembly lines before the ceremony, Menchaca, Adams, Nadler and others.

Sample yummies made of chocolate on display.

Packaging the goodies..

Some sample chocolates..

More yummy samples..

Heres a nice chocolate chess set where you can eat the pieces that you win from your opponent..




Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wine and Food Tasting Event at Sunset Park photo Album

The wine tasting event which I highlighted in my post here went of successfully without a hitch.  There were many companies and wine merchants  represented and the crowd came from all over the borough to partake in the colorful carnival party atmosphere. There were wines from all over the world including my native Argentina, especially Malbec, not just from Mendoza but I also got to taste some Malbecs from some recent vineyards from Patagonia. There were many artisan food vendors that hawked everything from chocolates  to baked goods and if that wasn't enough for you to eat there was also a table of hors d'oeuvres for all to partake of with many different cheeses to complement the wines. The merchants included Li-Lac Chocolatiers whom I wrote about in a previous post having just recently opened their new factory at Industry city.  The event took place in the spacious hall at Building 1 at 37th street right across from Costco. We hope this to be one of many events that starts putting Sunset Park as the destination in days and years  to come.

Your truly at the event after one too many wines.

Angel Miranda owner of The Mug Cafe and friends at the event..

Chris one of the owners of Li-Lac Chocolates at his table at the event.

A Jazz ensemble provided background music.

If the food sampoles weren't enough there was a table to snack on.

The spacious Hall was brimming with people.

Angel Miranda owner of Mug Cafe with yours truly and his girlfriend.


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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at New Park Barely Attended by Locals

Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver is the first speaker.

Yesterday in rather warm weather for November they held the opening ceremony of our new neighborhood park, The Bush Terminal Park.  It was barely attended by locals. Most of those present were city and local dignitaries and press. Completely absent from the event was our Mayor Bill de Blasio who decided not to come to such  an important event being held in one of Brooklyn's largest neighborhoods.  Among the attendees was our city council person  Carlos Menchaca, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz and Congresswoman Nydia Velasquez. If the event had been held over the weekend it would probably have had higher attendance by more residents of the local community. As it is it went unnoticed by the general population of the neighborhood many who are probably unaware of the existence of the park or even where it is located. 

Dignitaries including Carlos Menchaca waiting to speak..

Waiting to cup the ribbon with their golden scissors.

The ribbon is cut, the park is  officially open.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Visit To Bush Terminal Park In Sunset Park

We made a brief visit to Bush Terminal Park to see what the new park looks like. While I was there they were setting up chairs for the official ribbon cutting by Mayor de Blasio at 1PM tomorrow Wednesday  November 12, 2014. The Park seems to be rather fresh and being fall much of the grass has not yet taken. Everything was clean and totally brand new. It seems that they did an excellent job. The entrance to the park is located at 43rd street and 1st Avenue. It is quite a bit out of the way for most Sunset Park residents and not in the ideal section of Sunset Park. Abandoned warehouses and grimy factories abound as well as heavy truck traffic during the day. Nevertheless there are two large fields matted with astroturf. One appears a softball field and the second one, not yet open appears to be a soccer field. The bathroom facilities appear to have been constructed from recycled ship containers are clean and modern inside. They are only open till 3 PM though, so if you have to go to the bathroom after that you're out of luck. The following  pictures will give you an idea of the place...

Old Headquarters of The Bush Terminal company at Park entrance.

Manhattan skyline shot from the park.

Bike lanes after entrance to the park.

Bathroom facilities near the entrance..

Shot from the end of the pier where you can walk out into the bay..

Back of the softball field.

St. Michaels Church visible from highest point in the park. A well known Sunset Park landmark..

Softball field  with astroturf from hill in park..

Recycled container walls used in coinstruction of bathroom facilities..

US Customs seal left on oe of the container sections used as a wall..


Sunday, November 2, 2014

2014 NYC Marathon in Sunset Park, A Photo Album

With local landmark St. Michael's Church runners run along 4th Avenue.

Every year they hold the Marathon I try to do a photo album shoot as it passes through Sunset Park from 65th street to the Prospect Expressway and the border with Park Slope. Today the weather was extremely cold in the morning and warmed up as the day went on. I shot over 100 pics. I tried picking the better ones for this post. Hope all you local residents can pick out the landmarks...

Th five mile marker and clock..

A watering station handing out Gatorade to the runners..

The Bay Ridge Towers loom in the distance at the Bay Ridge Border.

The first of many musicians and bands we encountered en route. This guy was at the Irish Haven Bar..

Another guy playing solo along the route..

Another block, another band.

The Mug Cafe, good friends of mine and time to pick up a buttered bagle..

Another watering station for the runners..

Another band, another block.

Runing towards Park Slope.

Two man guitar team..

Another band..

I think these guys were doing rap music with a Caribbean  flavor..

Once upon a time Sunset Park was a large Norwegian and Finnish enclave. There are still some around..

This band consisted of of older guys. The guy seems to be ready for Christmas..

These guys had the best setup, a stage and their own canopy..

We're two thirds of the way towards Park Slope..

These guys were really, really young..

This band was really, really good. Named the BROVERDOSE. They have a website.

Passing by the 72 Precinct House.

Passing by Kentucky Fried Chicken. I don't think anybody stopped in for a snack..

Another Gatorade station as we inch closer to Park Slope.

Time to stop in at the Tin Cup Cafe for a quick cup.

The owner of Tin Cup Cafe was kind enough to give me a free cup..

The six mile marker and clock.

This band was named Giant Flying Turtles. Who comes up with these names?

The ten kilometer mark for them foreigners who don't know what a mile is..

There were few runners left as I got to the Park Slope border at the Prospect Expressway  Overpass in the Greenwood Heights section of Sunset Park..


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