Friday, August 1, 2014

Demonstrators Show up at Library

Organized by Carlos Menchaca our city council representative and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz a number of people perhaps as many as 40 showed up for a brief demonstration this afternoon in front of the Sunset Park Library asking for more funding for the Sunset Park Library. There was plenty of press on hand including a camera man  from local news channel NY1 as well as a reporter from The Brooklyn News. With all the coverage we are getting perhaps we will see the beginning of some badly needed improvements to our local library. Let's see if we get more traction on that on the media...

Menchaca addresses the crowd while Felix Ortiz looks on.

Menchaca speaks to a reporter from NY1 the cable news channel.

Brief Media Rundown, Sunset Park on the Web Today 8-1-14

Another day around the web and there's too much stuff to write about but no time.

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