Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scandal In Sunset Park

After a hiatus of a week or so I find myself returning to focus on the blog in the midst of a major scandal at one of the local non-profits that is heavily tied to some of our major politicos in our nabe. The story is rife with profligate spending of taxpayer money, bribes and payoff of no show jobs. One has to wonder who else is involved and who will be brought up on the net. It seems that both the state attorney general and the Brooklyn district attorney are investigating the goings on at the Evelyn Douglin Center for Serving People in Need (SPIN) of Sunset Park. Let's see if the fishing expedition traps a wider net or is abandoned if some of our local representatives in government are implicated. It's wait and see time as we await with baited breath the results of these investigations. One has to wonder how a non profit that receives the largesse of taxpayer money with the aid of our local politicians managed to avoid the radar after all these years. Mind you, non of this would have come to light had not someone who worked there blown the whistle. Maybe it may be time to do an audit of all the other non profits that abound in our nabe. That of course will never happen. The Daily News has had ample coverage in the last two days with one story here and another one here.

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