Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chinese Funeral in Sunset Park

As I was walking down 8th Avenue this morning I stumbled upon a Chinese funeral. You don't often see them for some reason in Sunset Park. In front of what once was a Norwegian Funeral Home until recent times a band dressed in Chinese style military dress uniforms was playing in front. A priest apparently not Buddhist was in front making motions and it appeared they were about to exit the parlor. One is used to mostly Christian funerals in Sunset Park but this was a rare occasion. The Norwegian Funeral Home that used to be there closed when at some point it appears they ran out of customers. Now it is Chinese and since the changeover  I never saw a funeral taking place there. It looks as if business may pick up. After all, a lot of new potential customers have moved into the area and I suspect we will see more funerals coming out of that place.