Saturday, August 24, 2013

Popeyes is open and ready for business

Things move quickly in our Chinatown. Popeyes is now open on 61st street and 7th Avenue. If you are into fast food chicken and are looking for an alternative to KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken or Kennedy's, here it is. I reported a couple of weeks ago that they had moved from their location on 8th Avenue. When I passed by the location was busy with people coming in and out of the place. I think they will do very well at their new location. Anybody hungry for some chicken?

Sunset Park, Bay Ridge ferry extended till January 2014

The recently reopened ferry service to Manhattan due to disruptions on the R train has been extended until January of next year so reports the Daily News. A campaign has started in some of the other neighborhoods being served by the ferry to make this change permanent. Perhaps the residents of Bay Ridge and Sunset Park should start a similar effort. The flier below appeared in a Queens publication the Queens Gazette  also served by the ferry.