Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're back

It's as good a time as any to return to the fold.My last post was last September and then it got busy in my life. The period was also punctuated with severe colds. It was either different variations of viruses or one heck of a long cold. In any case, just as well. My mind really wasn't into too many things. We might as well start the New Year right.

Of course we in Sunset Park were part of the snow removal fiasco. I suppose there will be investigations and the blame will fall somewhere. It's good to know we were not ignored. Even if it was by union thugs and our lousy mayor. The consolation is that Sunset Park survived the bad economy and we can give thanks that we haven't collapsed. Even during the great depression people were working and making a living.

We have a new Hotel which appeared 6 weeks ago on the corner of  26th and 4th avenue. We are becoming the Hotel center of Brooklyn and with that comes more visitors hopefully with cash. Now that I feel much better I will be out and about. But the Flu season isn't over, so we hope there are no other strange viruses that will put me under the weather.

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