Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brief Media Rundown 8-6-14: Sunset Park on the Web


The Asian patrol story has gotten traction in particular in the Jewish online press as a result of the Shomrim having played a major part in helping to establish it. I visited Menchaca's office and registered my objections and reservations stating that I thought it was a bad idea. You can read about my thoughts here.. The first piece in the orthodox website VOSIZNEIAS with pictures and all. Another piece is at The Jewish Voice. As I stated before, I do not oppose civilian watch patrols. What I object to and I think is dangerous is that these patrols are ethnically based and staffed which is a recipe for ethnic and racial strife down the road. I also don't think that the entire community of Sunset Park was brought in on the decision making process on this and that is something everybody should object to. 


At the other end of the spectrum, the website has a photo and written essay on the Mr. Sunday parties being held on weekends at Industry City..

In the meantime, WNYC did a show on global forces at work on Sunset Park. You can listen to the show here, or at least find a link to it..