Saturday, August 3, 2013

AM New York Does Sunset Park

AM New York did a writeup on the neighborhood at the end of May which I stumbled on. At least they comment on the borders and as old timers know the nabe begins at 17th street. In any case, it makes for interesting reading.

Closings: World Electronics on 8th Avenue

An institution in the nabe since 1986  abruptly closed it's doors as the end of July came. World Electronics which specialized in all types of electronics and FISHING TACKLE AND BAIT fell victim to the changing demoghraphics and economics of the neighborhood. The store catered to the East European community (mostly Polish) and old timers in the area. Just recently the New York Times had done a story on the place which included a slide show.  If you were a local area fishing afficionado  it was the only place you coulkd get bait and equipment. Located on the corner of 46th street and 8th Avenue it is just one of many non Chinese stores that is closing it's doors as our Chinatown spreads ever closer to completely dominating 8th Avenue from 65th street to 39th street. As buildings change hands the new owners raise the rents and make it imposssible for old establishments to stay afloat. That combined with a shrinking clientele that is moving out of the area makes for change which is a constant in this neighborhood. We are sorry to see them go. The owner told me he may open somewhere else. Now I will have to find out where else I can get fish bait in the area.

The Ferry is Back!

In a story tiled Rockaway Ferry To Make Additional Stop At Brooklyn's Sunset Park NY1 reports that the ferry will begin making stops at Sunset Park. Our nabe had ferry service right after 911 happened and then the subsidies ran out. You can see a video report at the site. According to the story..

"Beginning Monday, the Rockaway Ferry will be making a new stop at Brooklyn's Sunset Park.

It's part of a pilot program extending service to the 58th Street Pier, at least through Labor Day.

The announcement comes as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to disrupt R train service for more than a year so that post-storm repairs can be made to the Montague Street tunnel, which connects Brooklyn to Manhattan.

That work is scheduled to begin this Friday."

The 58th street pier for those new to the nabe has an entrance right by the front gate of the old Army Terminal. How long the service will last is anybody's guess though...

CORRECTION: The Daily News reports the return is only for one month while they repair the R subway line.