Friday, September 13, 2013

Happenings: Sunset Park 5th Avenue Festival Sunday Sept. 15, 2013

The Annual 5th Avenue Festival  in Sunset Park is coming this sunday September 15, 2013. There will be vendors, food and hopefully sunshine to take in the day. Stole the above shot from the 5th Ave. BID. I hope they don't mind LOL!! Get ready for some fun..


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Store Of The Day: Royal Aqua World, Bait and Tackle

With the recent closing of World Electronics on 8th Avenue the only bait and tackle shop I knew of in the neighborhood. Sunset Park's fishing community has been left with few alternatives. I had forgotten about Aqua World on 65th street and 8th Avenue till I passed by it recently. The place also doubles as an Aquarium where you can purchase Koy fish and other exotics which are big in the Chinese community. Well, if you're into fishing the place has a full selection of tackle equipment as well and of course bait to entice those little fishies to bite that hook. They're located on 65th street just off 8th Avenue.