Monday, August 11, 2014

Shake Shack Arrives to the PASUBA Corridor

The Brooklyn Eagle has an article on the new Shake Shack that recently opened near the Barclay's Center complete with a smorgasbord of photos of the place. (For those wondering because you never heard the term, PASUBA stands for Park Slope, Sunset Park, Bay  Ridge.) What is striking is the similarity of the fries and menu to an old fashioned Nathan's in a more upscale setting. The only thing that differentiates it, is the decor and ambiance to justify the higher prices.  Other than that, it's just another fast food joint selling burgers and fries. If your thinking of making the trek up north from Sunset Park to check the place out, then maybe the photos in the article may entice you to give them a visit.

Gee, they look just like Nathan's in different packaging.