Saturday, July 26, 2014

Waterfront Park in Sunset Park Nearing Completion

Stretching along the shore from 43rd Street to 51st street a new park, part of the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Initiative will finally see the light of day as the city has announced plans to open The Bush terminal Pier and the park being constructed on it to the public. It appears that construction will finally be completed sometime in August or at the very latest in September according to a piece on the DNAINFO webstite which got it's information from the city's NYCEDC's blog logging developments and construction progress. The park named the Bush Terminal Piers Park will comprise of roughly 22 acres of space. Almost the same size as Sunset Park which is 24.5 acres. Sunset Parkers will have a new place to go and hangout. That is provided of course they make a trek across 3rd Avenue under the Gowanus Expressway which has always been an invisible border dividing the western part of the neighborhood from it's eastern sister.. Lots of stuff happening in the nabe at an accelerated pace....Stay tuned..

From the NYCEDC blog announcing pavement of the road towards the park entrance..


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