Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunset Park on the Web, Chinatown, Soccer Tavern etc. 8-14-14

Today we have a piece from what appears to be a Chinese based publication on the Chinese in Sunset park's Chinatown. Nice to get a perspective from their homeland. 

A photo and essay collection by a soon to be ex Brooklyn resident Chris Arnade focuses on the Soccer Tavern on 8th Avenue and things he will be missing when he leaves..

The Tech website  realates how a company start up called Suneris found it's new digs in northern Sunset Park on Craigslist. The biomedical company is responsible for a product called Veti-Gel that is used as an application to heal open wounds faster. If anyone recognizes the building below give me a heads up so I can pay them a visit to find out more..