Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Move Over Godiva Sunset Park is King of Chocolate

The Daily News has an article describing how Sunset Park is becoming the center of gourmet food manufacturing, including Li-Lac Chocolates a premier chocolatier with stores in Manhattan and producing their chocolates right here in our nabe. Much of this activity centers around Industry City and in some cases you can go to some of the outlet stores located in the buildings and get tours of the factory areas.Last year another major chocolatier, Jacques Torres moved it's manufacturing facilities to a 40,000 sq. ft facility at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. As things start to progress and Industry City  develops it will be a dinning and shopping target for the well to do and people with cash to spare. As of now there is also a French Pastry manufacturer also with an outlet next to their production facilities, Colson Patisserie. Also in the complex nearby is Blue Marble Ice Cream another gourmet treat. So as far as gourmet food goes Sunset Park is becoming the destination in Brooklyn. Things are changing quickly in the nabe and it's not just Mexican and Chinese food.


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