Sunday, June 27, 2010

BABA'S DELI a hybrid delight with a coffee shop too

Baba's Deli located just over the border in Park Slope has joined our roster of eateries in our website mall. What makes Baba's rather interesting is that hidden in the back is a patio with chairs and tables giving it a relaxed air as you sip your coffee and perhaps read a paper or cruise the web on your netbook. Baba's joins a number of other rather eclectic hybrid coffee shops opening in our area and creeping up towards the direction of Sunset Park proper. The owner has told us that he intends to install WIFI in the very near future to service his clients and patrons. With the lack of any Starbucks and Mc Donalds recent introduction of free WIFI more places like this are needed in the neighborhood. So if you happen to be in the are, drop in and say hello and tell them you saw them on this blog and on our website. Remember, only your patronage can keep our local businesses open and competitive in this economy.

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