Friday, February 1, 2008

Chinese New Year's Celebrations set for February 10

Chinese New Year 2008, the year of the Rat officially begins on February 7th, but since it's a work day the real fun will be three days later. However, expect lion dancers to visit the Avenue throughout the 7th weather permitting. If you happen to be there with a camera you might get a small taste of what trhe following Sunday will look like.

The Brooklyn Chinese American Association that sponsors the annual Chinese New Year's Celebrations on 8th Avenue have set the date for this year's parade on Sunday February 10. The ceremonies are slated to begin at 11 Am and last about three hours. Expect to see every major politician and local celebrity at the ceremonies in front of the BCAA headquarters at 51st street and 8th Avenue.

Last year thousands of people lined the parade route from 51st street to 60th street in a colorful and raucous celebration that included dozens of Lion dancers from various martial arts schools vying for attention as well as traditionally attired Buddhist and Taoist priests etc. If you haven't attended yet, maybe it's time for you to drop by. Bring your camera, it will be a very photogenic day.

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