Saturday, February 2, 2008

Store Closings February 2nd edition

Innovations Urban Wear on 5th Avenue near 40th street is closing it's doors for the final time tomorrow on Sunday. The owners have decided to go on to do other things, like open a restaurant serving Spanish food called Encuentro located on 14th street and 6th Avenue. They also own a carwash on 4th Avenue. They're not leaving the hood since they also own the building but they are closing their urban wear business to devote themselves to other ventures. So tomorrow the store will close it's doors for the final time. They will be missed, they had a unique inventory of high end urban wear that will be missing from 5th Avenue once they are gone.

The inventory? That will be auctioned off at a future date as soon as the goods are organized into lots. The auction should be a bargain for businessmen looking to get some goods on the cheap. The owners emphasized that the inventory will be auctioned off in large lots. Anyone interested can call Sam at 917-656-4676. Mention that you found out about it on the blog. Remember folks, you heard it here first.

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Anonymous said...

Its always so sad to see businesses close down, especially for issues related to greedy property owners. Just today, I learned that the mini market "La Placita de Moca" located on the corner of 46th street and 5th ave also lost their lease and will close down. La Placita has been a fixture on 5th ave for quite sometime. As a child, my mother would send me there for groceries, and now that my mother has passed away, I can't but help notice that this wonderful neighborhood my parents raised me in is changing.