Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunset Polish Deli on Fourth Avenue to close it's doors

The Sunset Polish Deli on 55th and 4th Avenue that was a staple of the neighborhood for almost twenty years and provided Sunset Park's small Polish community with Polish staples and products will be closing it's doors next month. The sad news leaves only one place for Polish goods in the southern part of our nabe. The owner cited the fact that the Polish population of Sunset Park is dwindling and many Polish immigrants are returning home to Poland because of the better economy there. I reported last December the closing of the other Polish Deli in our neck of the woods. The Sunset Deli will be missed, it gave the neighborhood a more varietal ethnic flavor. I suppose it is just a sign that the more things change, they just keep on changing. On another note, the owner informed me that Chinese bought other buildings on the block. Part of a larger sign that the Chinese community on eighth avenue is moving westward towards fourth avenue as more and more hispanic stores on the avenue are being replaced by Chinese owned 99 cent stores and bakeries. Whetehr this is a sustainable trend remains to be seen.

The only remaining place in our neck selling Polish goods remains the Podlaise Meat Market on the corner of 48th and 8th Avenue. It may be only a matter of time before they too sucumb to pressure and alos close their doors. The Norwegian and Finnish stores that once pockmarked the avenues 30 years ago are also long gone. Remaining only in the memories of long time residents that have seen the changes, but they too are increasingly moving out and with them the history of the nabe fades away. The new residents replacing them not having a clue of the rich history of the nabe.

The only Polish Deli and Meat market left in the neighborhood on the corner of 48th and 8th..

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I liked the actors. I think they did a remarkable job. I didn't care for the gory parts but I do understand that they had to be in there! I also wish that no one died! But again, I understand why he did it! For the most part, I really liked the movie and can't wait to see what Jason Sarrey has for his next one! I will definitely watch it! Thank you!