Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eating Italian in Sunset Park

Italian restaurants in Sunset Park were a rarity. Oh yes, you could get some at some of the pizzerias like pasta dishes, but the variety or ambience just wasn't there. If you wanted real Italian food you had to trek out of the hood to Rocco's Calamari or New Corner. Two great restaurants on the fringes of our nabe.

Well, we now have two new restaurants that have recently opened featuring Italian cuisine exclusively. The first is La Cucina on 5th Avenue and 45th street. The new restaurant features a full italian menu and a pleasant interior. Hopefully it will be able to do well and gives more culinary variety to the nabe. The second restaurant to open it's doors in the nabe is farther north at 5th Avenue and 20th in the Greenwood Heights section of Sunset Park. It's name is Monsignor's the name evokes a rustic Italian country side and it's menu is somewhat reflective of this. It is good to see these new eateries open in the neighborhood. Of course the only way to guarantee they remain open is for us to patronize them and help our local economy at the same time. If the food is good, I can certainly see them around for the long haul.

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Kristin said...

I only went to Rocco's a couple of times, but it was good each time. Not a Colosseo, but worth a visit.

I'm glad to hear there's some new stuff opening up on 5th Avenue. Let's hope they last!

Jasin Bibber said...

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