Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coming soon: Sunrise Family Pharmacy

Located on the corner of 64th street and 4th Avenue is a new pharmacy that will be opening any day now.I must admit that the out of the way location is an odd place to put a pharmacy as you would have to cross 4th avenue to get there from the rest of the neighborhood. If my memory serves me correctly the spot was once held by a plumbing supply store that had been there for many years. On the side is a dead end street and the timing may jot be auspicious since they will soon begin construction of an HOV ramp there to augment the present ramp going into the Gowanus. I suspect the plans are to serve a niche population, perhaps Russians (notice the Russian Cyrillic word AIITEKA for Apothecary on the awning). This begs the next question, do these people know something we don't? Are Russians moving into the nabe as our Polish population is declining?  Who knows? The place is rather large for a Pharmacy, at least larger than most family Pharmacies.  They also have some hefty competition with a large Rite Aid located on 62 and 4th. Ave.. Well, we wish them luck and will be making a visit to the place when they open. They do have one thing in their favor worth crossing the Avenue for, they do copies on their copy machine for 5¢, now that's a good thing.

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