Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sanitation cops undercover fighting crime in Sunset Park

So here I am, minding my own business after having made a deposit at the Chase bank on 55 and 8 and I see a crowd gathering a few stores down. Turns out that the poor woman had gone into a cellphone store and was pursued by the above public servants and apprehended. Her crime? She had just posted a handwritten notice on the corner lamppost. Probably a notice looking for a job or looking for a room to rent or something like that. They are all over the place on 8th Avenue and the people in the community use them like a bulletin board. If you are going along the avenue it's part of the ambiance of the neighborhood. The avenue would look naked without all those notices. In other places I suppose it would look out of place and be a nuisance but not on 8th. You could tell the old woman was scared shitless. She spoke no English and had no clue was was going to happen to her. Having come from a dictatorship myself where cops are given godlike abusive authority like in China I can imagine what was racing through the poor woman's head. I suppose some high up somewhere in city government has decided that it's time to crack down on little old ladies posting notices on 8th avenue. I frankly think their energies would be better spent elsewhere like going after the commercial pasters who put stuff on cars and end up on the floor. Common sense should play a role on what these idiots do, but apparently there is no common sense class in any of these bureaucracies. I am curious to see how these undercover sanitation crime fighters will do when the electioneering comes around and they start putting posters on lampposts and flooding the area with those crappy brochures that end up on the floor.  When was the last time that you heard of a campaign being cited for that? Practically never,. unless it happens to be a politician on the outs or some minor party candidate.

So, what have these two civil servants achieved? Probably a bad name for the sanitation police and a well deserved bad reputation as human beings. This is what is making the city unlivable when these people have but one function, raise revenue for the city and harass citizens to death. No wonder people are abandoning New York as soon as they can.

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Kristin said...

I'd rather that they go after the way businesses and some residences dispose of their actual garbage!

Thank you for keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Hope you're well.