Saturday, August 14, 2010

Store of The Day: Arnold's Bicycle Shop

Arnold's has been a fixture in the neighborhood as long as I remember. It was a totally different neighborhood when he started out. This is the second location he moved into many years ago. He has fixed a lot of my bikes over the years. I still cycle 20 miles a day and when I need something that breaks on them I usually go to Arnold's if I am close by. Arnold likes to put the bikes together and fix them and he has gained a kind of reputation far and wide. He may not have the fanciest bike shop around, but he doesn't charge you the prices those other guys do either. I recently needed break pads and a shop in Bay Ridge wanted $13 to replace them. Arnold put them on for $4.75. he is reasonably priced on most things and I think he does it for the love of bikes more than anything else. He is near retirement age and when he does something will be missing from the neighborhood. If you haven't stopped by yet, then you should. He's on 8th Ave. between 42 and 43rd streets. Drop in and say hello and tell him you saw his shop on the blog. He's open mondays to saturdays till about 6.

[where: 11232]
[where: 11220]
[where: 11215]
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[where: 11219]
[where: 11228]
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