Sunday, August 8, 2010

Store of the day: Designer Men's Outlet

On the corner of 58th street on 2nd Avenue. Near Lutheran medical Center. They have been there for well over one year and appear to be surviving. Most of their customers get there by word of mouth.

[where: 11232]
[where: 11220]
[where: 11215]
[where: 11218]
[where: 11219]
[where: 11228]
[where: 11214]
[where: 11204]

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Escape from Sunset Park said...

Folks should avoid shops like this one that advertise free suits or suits at ridiculously low prices. Many years ago I did some investigative "reporting" and found that their deals are worse than "bait & switch"...the available "sale" suits are either in limited sizes (I was a 34 short at the time and they had none available in the three shops i visited) or there is a rack with merely four suits - one in clown stripes, one in faded white and two in red. I was trying to get the Daily News to stop taking advertising from them - it failed. I spoke to the owners - not managers - and they defended their malpractice saying they needed to compete with other clothing stores. They ignored my argument that they were lying. If you go into a shop like this, go in with your eyes wide open, your wallet tightly shut...and then run to a legitimate clothier.