Friday, August 27, 2010

Store of the Day: Hong Kong Supermarket

When Hong Kong Supermarket first opened I think about ten years ago on the corner of 61 street and 8th Avenue it was the only one on the East Coast for the young and expanding Hong Kong supermarket chain based in Los Angeles, California. Now there are four other  locations in New York City and the supermarket chain still keeps on growing at a fast pace. The sign on this location are a bit faded, some of the letters don't light up at night. I expect at some point they will either fix it or renovate it. I remember the first time I went inside and the novelty of the fact that very few goods it carried were American. It is still a kind of cultural experience going in there and I still occasionally go n there and try out some new product once I find out what is in the box. It's a great place to get ginseng, green tea or royal jelly at a discount. The amazing thing for us non Chinese is that sometimes we feel like tourists in our own neighborhood. But that's OK. Drop them a visit if you haven't been inside.

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