Thursday, August 15, 2013


Kings Construction Supplies has finally left it's location on 39th street between 8th and 9th Avenues. Kings was a fixture in the neighborhood and was at this location when I first moved here in 1970. The early years the company was owned by Greeks who sold it to Chinese investors about a decade ago. It since grew to be a fixture throughout the borough as they opened other locations. It remains to be seen who the new owners are. The site had been for sale for quite sometime. Currently the site is zoned as a commercial site but so was the lot across the street from it which later became The Kings Hotel. It remains to be seen what will become of the empty property now. The Hotel business in the nabe is booming due to it's close proximity to transit, cheaper rates than Manhattan and only a half hour by subway from midtown Manhattan. We will have to see if this location will materialize as another commercial site or a residential or perhaps another hotel. We shall have to see. We will keep you posted..


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