Friday, July 25, 2014

Library Update: AC Coming First Week of August

Yesterday I got a call from Councilman Menchaca's office telling me that portable air conditioners have been ordered and if all goes according to plan they will be installed by the end of the first week of August on or about the 8th.. I also raised the issue in my conversation regarding pier 4. I was told that they are arranging a tour and will inform me of the when it will be set up. Under current plans only the southern part of the pier will be used to park barges. The northern half of the pier will still have unobstructed views of the bay and the Manhattan skyline. The story regarding the library seems to be getting traction. This morning I got a call from a reporter for the Community News Group and our family of weekly newspapers (Bay Ridge Courier, Bay News, etc..);so I suppose it will get coverage outside the nabe as well. Stay Tuned....

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