Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Library Update Day 16, That Damned Air Conditioner

It's a hefty 87 degrees inside the Sunset park library today. It appears that Menchaca's news on Monday was bogus. It's still not Thursday so we will se tomorrow if crews show up. In the meantime they just posted the above at the library entrance and according to some staff they will install portable air conditioning units the first week in August. That doesn't sound like they will be installing a new air conditioner or fixing the old one. I hope it's not a temporary solution to keep us off their backs. Keep the pressure going folks. We need a permanent solution....

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Max Jaeger said...

I'm writing about this issue for the Community News Group and our family of weekly newspapers (Bay Ridge Courier, Bay News, etc..) Would you care to comment on the lack of A/C for my story?

I'm swinging by the library today to check the situation out.

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