Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Sunset Park Story Telling Event Tomorrrow (Friday)

The website DNAinfo New York has a piece on an upcoming event in which many local artists and residents will participate in telling their stories in a Sunset Park themed. The event will take place at the Recreation Center which is located inside Sunset Park (The park itself). According to0 the website;
"The Five Boro Story Project is teaming up with the Laundromat Project’s "Create Change" program, an initiative that seeks to connect communities and artists, for “Stories at Sunset,” which will take place from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Sunset Park Recreation Center located at 43rd Street and Seventh Avenue."

 So, if you haven't heard about it and you have time to kill by all means drop in. The event is FREE.


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Rita Finntown said...

This event looks great on the surface; however, don't you find it revealing that one of the speakers is the neighborhood's councilman, a man who is new to the area he represents? Is this a political event disguised as something else? Is he the one to tell the neighborhood's stories of how it used to be [I'm not sure he even lives in Sunset Park]?

In addition, I learned that one of the speakers, Tony Giordano, moderator of the over 2,000 member strong Sunset Parker Facebook book, has been uninvited as a presenter because he dared to ask why a Puerto Rican and/or Dominican speaker had not been invited to tell their story.

And, for me personally, there's the Finntown Facebook group - a group with members whose families immigrated to Sunset Park, lived in the buildings surrounding the park itself, and grew up in an area of Sunset Park that became known as Finntown. This event is taking place right in the middle of Finntown. Why was an invite not extended for anyone to tell the Finntown story?

I appears to me as if this particular event has an agenda, probably a political agenda, given that the storytellers chosen to be the featured speakers reflect someone's view of what Sunset Park is all about and is trying to 'manage' the story.

I invite to investigate the behind-the-scenes story on this and share what you find. I'm sure it will be an interesting story to tell...!

Thank you.

Unknown said...

The area also had a considerable Norwegian population. Another story to tell.