Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Party to Fight Gentrification

The website Brownstoner posted an announcement for a party to be held at Irish Haven this October 18. The party is to raise funds by the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee. 

In an email, Lynn Massimo, the committee’s project manager, said that both preservation and affordable housing are important to the future of the neighborhood. “Together we, the community groups and our electeds, must keep Sunset Park viable for a diverse population. That doesn’t have just one answer. It has multiple answers. Affordable housing, safe streets, cultural diversity, economic diversity, local jobs, and yes, preservation of historic rowhouses,” she said.

The event will be held at Irish Haven at 5721 4th Avenue at 58th Street this Saturday, October 18, from 7 to 10 pm. Tickets are only available at the door.

Photo by Sunset Park Landmarks Committee


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Jack Straw said...

Landmarking is intended to increase gentrification, not reduce it. Look at every area that has been landmarked, what it does it increase the value of the property to the point that the homes turn into single family dwellings for those that can afford it. Those pushing for landmarking in Sunset Park are looking after their own financial interest, not the interest of the diversity in the area.

onemorefoldedsunset said...

Yes, landmarking inevitably drives up property values. Of course, if you live outside a landmarked area then you get screwed over by developers. Seems like you can't win either way. I'm not in Sunset Park, but have been in "South Slope" since the 80s, and have seen the sweep of development heading further and further south. I'm especially worried by the recent trend of multi-family sales, and the sleazy tactics used to (illegally) oust tenants. Just on my block, two bedroom apartments in a big multi-family are going for $3,500. What regular people can afford that? This would have been completely unheard of even a couple of years ago. I wish Sunset Park could escape all this, but it seems like the push is relentless. Good luck at the meeting though, and I would like to lend my support.